Convert Your Invoices into Working Capital for Your Business

Invoice factoring is a simple, reliable, and transparent way of getting the cash flow your business needs to grow.

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Slow Paying Customers? Get cash now and let Triumph do the rest.

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Getting the Money You Need Is Simple

Invoice factoring is small-business financing that lets you turn your invoices into working capital. It’s easier than you might think:

  1. Complete Application

    Complete a short application form and get approved in 2-3 days.

  2. Submit Invoices

    Submit invoices through our online portal.

  3. Get Cash Advance

    You receive cash for your invoices within 24 hours.

What is Invoice Factoring?

Invoice Factoring is a low-risk cash management solution for small to medium-sized companies. You sell your accounts receivable at a small discount and get your money immediately.

  • Cash flow

    Immediate cash flow so you can pay expenses now. You get the cash you need immediately with full transparency – no hidden fees or confusion.

  • No debt

    It’s easier than a bank loan: grow your business without taking on debt. Our approval process is less restrictive than a business loan, using your existing invoices as collateral

  • Grow your business

    Never miss a new opportunity because of slow-paying customers.

  • More time to run your business

    You control your business operations; our team is there to help with credit, collections and back office solutions.

Invoice Factoring vs. Line of Credit

Invoice FactoringLine of Credit
CostBased on volumeVaries bases on collateral
QualificationVery little requirementsExtensive process
Approval Time2-3 daysWeeks to Months
Credit LimitFlexibleRestrictive
MaintenanceEasyDifficult to Maintain
Access to FundsEasyEasy
Line IncreaseSimple and quickComplicated and slow
CollateralOnly accounts receivable as collateralUsually all company assets

Why Choose Triumph, formerly known as Triumph Business Capital?

Because we’re a recognized industry leader. For over 15 years, we’ve partnered with small to medium-sized businesses to simplify and strengthen their operations.

  • An Established Funding Partner

    Since 2004, more hundreds of brokers have turned to Triumph to manage their cash flow

  • Owned by a Bank

    Triumph, formerly known as Triumph Business Capital an operating subsidiary of a publicly-traded bank. That means oversight, transparency and security for your business.

  • Technology, is an industry-leading portal built for customers to see and view their accounts and payment status — with complete transparency. You always know where your money is.

  • Back Office Support

    Think of us as an extension of your staff. We handle the invoicing and collections so you have more time to focus on growing your business.