Save With a Fuel Discount Card

Ready to level up your fuel discounts? Say hello to Triumph’s fuel card – your new key to saving big on every fill-up. Swipe, save, plan your trips and more.  

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Save Up to 47 Cents Per Gallon* in Fuel Discounts

Fill up at 2,000+ in-network locations nationwide. Enjoy great fuel card savings and keep more money in your pocket. 

Why Truckers Choose the Triumph Fuel Card 

  • 24/7 resource for when you need help.

  • A user-friendly mobile app for up-to-date fuel info.

  • Itemized fuel statements that make IFTA filing a breeze.

  • Card customization available if you need it.

  • Cash advances and money codes available when you need them.

  • Find all the savings along your route with the fuel finder map in the app.

  • Cut down on your risk of fuel fraud.

Find Out How Much Money You Could Be Saving Each Week

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“My husband is an owner-operator and started using the card less than a year ago. He’s already saved more than $5,000.  We have our money transferred directly from our account to the card and haven’t paid a single fee since he had this card. Great customer service. We highly recommend it!”
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How Clients Maximize Their Fuel Discounts With Factoring

We’re bringing you a cash flow management bundle that will be music to your wallet – factoring and a fuel card. With this bundle, you get incredible savings (did we mention up to .47 cents off per gallon*?), protection against fraud, and perks that will supercharge your efficiency:  

  • The potential to offset your factoring fees with your fuel savings 
  • Free credit checks on thousands of brokers
  • Exclusive discounts at all TA truck service centers on services and tires
  • Prompts and spending limits available to prevent fuel fraud

Ready to save? Get your Triumph fuel card today and start saving like a boss!