Asset Based Lending

Use your assets to scale your business.

About Asset Based Lending

If your business has grown to the next level, we can help. Through Triumph, let us help you with your next stage of working capital finance.

Triumph specializes in asset based lending services for small to midsize companies that require working capital financing to meet cash flow needs. With years of experience working with businesses like yours, we have the knowledge and expertise to meet your goals and put your business back on track.

Are you ready to apply for an asset based loan?

  1. Size: Minimum loan utilization is typically $3 million.
  2. Financial Reporting: Asset Based Lending borrowers typically submit collateral reports to determine loan eligibility. Additionally, borrowers are required to present CPA reviewed, and preferably audited, financial statements.
  3. Capacity: Financial criteria, such as favorable earnings and tangible net worth, are generally considered in the loan underwriting process.