Fuel Programs

Save at every stop.

Save on Fuel

Our fuel card discount program can provide big discounts every time you fill up, bringing you major savings in the long run.


  • Save up to 22¢ per gallon on average.

  • Discounts available at more than 2,400 locations.

  • Dedicated customer support.

  • Free funding and transfers to your card.

  • Save even more with our maintenance and tire discounts.

  • No waiting on physical cards to start saving.

Fuel Advances In An Hour

Your focus should remain on delivering a load safely and on time, not on buying fuel to deliver the load. Triumph’s Fuel Advance Program helps level the playing field.

It’s easy to request a fuel advance.

  1. Deliver a load and submit your bill of lading to Triumph.

  2. Submit your request through the client portal.

  3. In most cases, you’ll be eligible for a 50% fuel advance & we can deposit that money into your account or onto your Triumph fuel card within an hour.

Calculate How Much You Can Save With The Triumph Fuel Card

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