Triumph BBQ Trailer

Fuel your company’s growth with Triumph 

We serve you as a whole business owner – not just your need for quick cash. Trucking companies need insurance, fuel discounts, reliable broker credit checks and, yes, quick payment. We provide all of this and then some to help you and your business thrive

Save .54 cents* per gallon with Triumph 

With the price of diesel where it is, a good fuel card comes in clutch. Check out some of the perks of fueling up with Triumph’s fuel card:  

  • Tire and service discounts at all TA Truck Service Centers 
  • No set-up fees 
  • No membership fees or annual fees 
  • No transaction fees at in-network locations 
  • More than 1,800 fuel stops nationwide in Cost-plus fuel discount network 
  • Cash advances and EFS money codes and checks
  • 24/7 customer service and support 
Triumph Fuel Card
  • We’ve served thousands of truckers over 20 years  
  • We offer insurance and a fuel card offering up to 54* cent off per gallon 
  • With thousands of brokers in our database, we offer reliable, 24/7 credit checks   
  • Triumph offers transparent pricing and no hidden fees

* Average savings of 54 cents per gallon is based an actual in-network TCS client transaction for Q4 of 2023

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How can Triumph help you thrive? 

We give you what you need right now, but we’re ready to assist you as you grow in the future.

Thriving looks like our client Jelena Kacavenda, owner of Lupus Superior, LLC. She and her husband went from one truck to dozens of trucks. We’re there with them every step of the way through their growth.

“We have insurance with Triumph. We have factoring with Triumph. I’ve met so many people who are an important resource to our company.”

Jelena Kacavenda, client and co-owner of Lupus Superior, LLC 

Thriving looks like you achieving your business goals and being present for once-in-a-lifetime moments.  

We’re your partner in sustainable business. We’re your partner in growth. We’re your partner in thriving.  

  • Freight Factoring

  • Fuel Discount Program

  • Truck and Cargo Insurance

  • Equipment Finance

Our journey to the Epic BBQ truck

Come see us at our barbecue truck on Friday, March 21. For a little history lesson on Triumph’s barbecue, check out the timeline below. 

Nearly 10 years ago, Triumph launched its BBQ team to travel, cook and serve the trucking community, including its own team members. There have been many highlights, but these are a few that standout:


  • GATS 2016

    Moneypit BBQ Trailer

    Triumph competes in BBQ showdown against Pitmasters at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas.

  • West Coast 2017

    Triumph BBQ in Oregon

    Triumph travels to Oregon and cooks for three straight days, including cook at historic Jubitz truck stop.

  • FreightWaves 2018

    Triumph travels to Georgia to cook for first-ever FREIGHTWAVES national conference (T18), cooking and feeding hundreds of brokers and carriers.

  • Chi-Town 2018

    Epic BBQ Truck in Chicago

    Triumph hosts an annual soccer tournament for its Chicago-area clients and partners, complete with a Triumph-made BBQ lunch!

  • MATS 2023

    Triumph BBQ Truck at MATS 2023

    Triumph marks its return to the center of the trucking universe to meet and hand out samples to one of the nation’s largest gatherings of truckers.