No, we’re not a barbecue restaurant.

But we’ve been serving financial solutions, such as invoice factoring, to the trucking industry for more than 20 years, watching thousands of our partners grow along the way.

We’re a financial leader that shares the love of the open road with you … so much so that we decided to travel a few times a year and share a little piece of home with the industry – Texas BBQ.

Our journey to the Epic BBQ truck

Nearly 10 years ago, Triumph launched its BBQ team to travel, cook and serve the trucking community, including its own team members. There have been many highlights, but these are a few that standout:

  • GATS 2016

    Moneypit BBQ Trailer

    Triumph competes in BBQ showdown against Pitmasters at the Great American Truck Show in Dallas.

  • West Coast Tour 2017

    Triumph BBQ in Oregon

    Triumph travels to Oregon and cooks for three straight days, including cook at historic Jubitz truck stop.

  • FreightWaves 2018

    Triumph travels to Georgia to cook for first-ever FREIGHTWAVES national conference (T18), cooking and feeding hundreds of brokers and carriers.

  • Chi-Town 2018

    Epic BBQ Truck in Chicago

    Triumph hosts an annual soccer tournament for its Chicago-area clients and partners, complete with a Triumph-made BBQ lunch!

  • MATS 2023!

    MATS 2023

    Triumph marks its return to the center of the trucking universe to meet and hand out samples to one of the nation’s largest gatherings of truckers.

BBQ & Trucking just go together 

Triumph is passionate about two things: serving the transportation industry and feeding the transportation industry.

We started touring the country more than 10 years ago, traveling from our home in Dallas, Texas to nearly every corner of the country – as far as Portland, Oregon to as far east as Chattanooga and Atlanta.

No caterers. All Triumph.

The TriumphBBQ team are not professional pitmasters or a fulltime BBQ truck. The same people cooking and serving BBQ to truckers all over the country are the same ones making sure your business has the transportation finance solutions it needs to navigate all seasons.

It’s all part of our mission to HELP TRANSPORATION TRIUMPH.

We are humbled to work with and express our gratitude to the trucking community by bringing our unique style of BBQ (and factoring, insurance, fuel,) in person.

MATS is only the first stop for the EPIC BBQ truck & trailer. Keep an eye on Triumph social channels to see where it’s headed next.


What does Triumph have to offer other than BBQ?

We’re excited to say that our menu has expanded: A-rated trucking insurance and equipment finance are now served along with exclusive fuel discounts and same-day payment for loads. We have a team of people who are ready to pile your plate as high as you’d like with services or serve them a la carte. Just let us know which services you’re interested in and we can create a plan unique to your needs.  

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