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Women in Trucking: 3 Journeys to Success


August 2, 2022

From the loading dock to the office, transportation and logistics companies are primarily made up of men. But, things are changing and quickly.

Women in Trucking, an organization focused on gender diversity, non-partisan legislation, and job support, recently published a gender diversity index. According to the data, 39.6 percent of women are leading a company.

Triumph is proud to partner with Women in Trucking in their efforts to highlight and promote stories of success. We also remain committed to partnering with more women-owned and women-led companies. We know that no woman’s experience in the industry is the same, but we are confident that these three leaders’ stories will educate and inspire.

Watch as three leaders discuss their experiences as startups, the resources they found valuable to grow, and the traits they had to lean into to be taken seriously over time as women in transportation.

Featured Owners

Jelena Kacavenda, owner of Lupus Superior

Leticia Martinez, owner of MTL, Inc.

Letty Martinez, Owner of PG Specialized Logistics