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The Top Trucker Focused Podcasts


December 15, 2021

Truck drivers are often faced with long hours, hundreds of miles of highway, and a lot of time to tune into satellite radio or their favorite podcasts. With such a broad range of podcasts available, it can be hard to find high-quality content that is informative, relevant, and entertaining. Here we present a list of today’s most popular trucking podcasts and their “can’t miss episodes” to get you started! 

Top Trucker Podcasts 

  1. Trucking for Millennials – Aimed at younger members in the trucking industry, this podcast explores what’s happening today and how the next generation of trucking and logistics professionals are impacting the supply chain. Industry news, technology, and business tips are hot topics. This weekly podcast is a must for anyone looking for a fresh perspective on the industry – not just millennials. Catch new episodes every Monday.
  1. Chris Jolly‘s “Coffee w/The #FreightCoach” – Conversations with the everyday person, by the everyday person. Jolly covers a lot of ground in his interviews with a wide range of logistics and transportation professionals. With multiple new episodes each week, it’s easy to see why this is consistently named a favorite among trucker podcasts.
  1. Red Eye Radio – Airing nightly Monday – Friday and hosted by radio vets Gary McNamara and Eric Harley, this podcast helps drivers stay informed, engaged, and entertained on the road. With three hours of content nightly and a wide range of topics, this is easily one of the  most popular over the road trucking podcasts.
    • Recap of news, politics, and entertainment (daily)
  1. What the Truck?!? – This award-winning podcast features hosts Timothy Dooner and Micheal Vincent as they discuss freight of all kinds. Not strictly trucker-focused, but this dynamic duo delves into current market trends and freight news in an engaging and informative format. With new episodes twice a week, there is plenty of content to make this one of the most popular trucking podcasts. 
  1. The Lead Pedal – Host Bruce Outridge talks trucking for people in the transportation industry with a focus on helping them improve their business and careers. Published twice a week, his interviews and industry updates are always current and relevant. Expect a range of topics from business development to truck maintenance. 
  1. Blue Ribbon Podcast – Formerly known as The American Truck Driver Podcast, this podcast is a show about how to thrive and survive as an owner-operator in the trucking Industry. Publishing dates are fairly sporadic, but hosts Larry W. Long and Chris Polk deliver valuable information for new truckers and industry vets alike. 
  1. Bulkloads Podcast – With new episodes every week this trucker podcast is absolutely essential for anyone moving bulk freight. Relevant and informative, episodes guide drivers on everything from business plans and insurance to rate negotiations and fitness on the road. 
  1. Truck N’ Hustle – Easily one of the most popular trucking podcasts, host Rahmel Wattley interviews trucking industry heavy hitters about their successes, failures, and their biggest money making tips. Motivating and educational, these weekly episodes are essential for drivers looking to take their business to the next level.
  1. Trucking Risk & Insurance Podcast – As the name suggests, this podcast focuses on the pitfalls, risks, and troubles with trucking insurance. Far from boring, hosts John Farquhar and Chris Harris bring the industry elite for interviews and discussions on managing risks in trucking. New episodes every week.
  1. Beyond The Rig – Described as the “ultimate podcast for truckers by truckers” this podcast delivers industry news, practical on-the-road tips, and stories from fellow drivers. Hosts Linda Dominy and Will Phipps bring fun and laughter in their biweekly episodes and prove why they’re one of the most popular trucking podcasts.
  1. Eyes on the Road with PrePass – Host Evan Lockridge is a veteran broadcaster and trucking journalist. This over the road podcast covers trucking industry hot topics, particularly around policy and regulation changes. These quick, monthly episodes get to the point to keep drivers and fleet managers in the loop and in compliance. 
  1. Garner Trucking’s Beyond the Cab – With over 20 years experience in the trucking industry, host Tim Chrulski has done it all, from driving to operations. Though episodes are sporadic, they are always engaging and insightful, as Tom and his guests share stories about life on and off the road. Enjoyable for all, but if you drive in the U.S. Midwest you shouldn’t miss this one. 
  1. Julia’s Trucking Cafe – Julia has been in the industry since 1988 and shares her experiences as well as trucking stories from the news in this monthly trucker podcast. Newer drivers will enjoy her tips for the road, particularly around cooking in the cab. 
  1. Cassandra Gaines #MadGaines – Transportation lawyer and consultant Cassandra Gaines hosts a variety of highly respected industry professionals to discuss everything from cargo theft to rate confirmation legality. While primarily aimed at brokers and owners, this podcast provides valuable information for professional drivers to stay informed on current events and regulations in trucking. 

We hope you enjoyed this list of the most popular trucking podcasts and found some new content to keep you informed and entertained on the road. If you are a fleet manager or owner operator looking to scale or expand your business check out Triumph, formerly known as Triumph Business Capital’s solutions for fleets and truckers.