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Top Tips To Protect Yourself From Fuel Fraud


January 27, 2023

With rising fuel prices, fuel fraud is on the rise, too.  

Here are some tips to help you make your account more secure and spot possible fraudster devices.

  • Lower spending limits per transaction on your card(s) to what will be needed per fill-up. Limits can be set by dollar amount or gallons per transaction.  
  • Lower number of daily transactions to what will get the driver through the day. The more daily transactions allowed on a card will increase the amount of fraud if a card is compromised.  
  • Change a card(s) from Active to Inactive in your on-line portal for all cards not in use.  
  • Review reports frequently for suspect transactions and review immediately with the driver when a transaction is in question.  
  • Change prompts at pump regularly to avoid a compromised card to be used frequently. Your DUT (Driver, Unit, Trailer) number can be changed in your online portal and can be between 2-6 digits. Make DUTS random and change the number of digits in the DUT periodically.   
  • Attach SmartQ RFID’s (Radio Frequency Identification Devices) to your units for fueling at Love’s, Travel America (TA), Petro, Pilot & Flying J truck stops. RFIDs are the most secure way to purchase fuel in the industry as they provide real-time asset validation at the pump and are a card free way to fuel. Contact your fuel account manager to learn more.  
  • Be observant at the pump for skimming devices. A skimming device is a piece of equipment illegally installed in or on the pump to capture card and DUT information. These devices can be paired with a camera to capture PIN (DUT) information as well as card information.
    • If the card reader is loose or looks suspect, avoid using a card at that pump.  
    • If the keypad looks different than other pumps or is raised a little higher than normal, avoid using a card at that pump. 
    • Look for a small external camera above the keypad. If one is spotted, avoid using a card at that pump. 
    • If the security tape on the pump is torn, avoid using a card at that pump.  
  • Immediately cancel a card when you suspect a fraudulent transaction by logging into the your on-line portal 24/7, or by calling your fuel card’s customer service number. 

Hear from VP of fuel, Tim Whitten on even more ways to protect yourself by playing the video below.

Follow these tips and always stay aware of your fuel card activity to protect yourself from thieves. Learn more about Triumph’s fuel card program by clicking here.