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How to select a trucking fuel card 

Kim Diggs

April 25, 2024

The perfect fuel card can make a big difference in your business by helping you save cash and make your operations run smoother. 

Here’s what to keep in mind when choosing a fuel card. 

Key Factors in Choosing Fuel Cards 

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all approach to choosing a trucking fuel card. Here’s what to think about when you’re looking for the right one: 

Fuel Discount and Savings  

The top reason a trucking company uses a fuel card is to save money. It’s important to know how much you may can plan to save on average with a fuel card program. Not all cards have the same savings built in, so make sure the discounts are competitive with other providers. You could be leaving savings at the pump with the wrong card.  See how many network partners and participating locations are in the card. Some cards offer discounts at hundreds – if not more – stops across the country.  

Fuel Stop Locations  

Where and how often you can save on fuel depends on a few factors, but the most important is location — where your business is located, or the lanes you’re running. Look at the fuel stop brands included in your fuel card. Make sure that there are enough national and regional fuel stops to consistently save throughout your trips. Check out their websites and use their location search feature to confirm there are plenty of stops that fit your business.   

Evaluating Your Fuel Consumption 

Before making a quick decision, take a look at how much fuel you’re actually using. Check out your past fuel bills to spot spending trends and the overall impact to your business’s bottom line. This info helps you pick a fuel card that fits your routes and fuelling needs. The reality is that even if you run one load or dozens a month, a fuel card can bring immediate savings. Matching the right card to your business can save even more.    

Impact of Fuel Cards on Efficiency 

Find a fuel card that offers tools to help you pick the best spots to fuel up, track costs and report in real time. These features can save you a ton of money and hassle. 

Fleet management and scalability 

Saving money right now is great, but don’t forget about the future. You’ll want a fuel card that grows with your business. Can you give cards to future drivers and keep tabs on their spending? Are there spending limits? Picking a card that can scale with your business is a smart move. 

Savings on maintenance and tires 

Some fuel cards offer sweet extras. Think loyalty programs, discounts on tires, or access to maintenance services. Consider how these perks can fit into your financial strategy. 

Fuel Prices and Economic Trends 

Fuel costs are a big chunk of your expenses and prices can fluctuate a lot. Here’s how the right fuel card can help you deal with those changes. 

Triumph has been in the game for nearly 20 years, so we know a thing or two about working with truckers to help boost cash flow and maximize savings with fuel. Our goal is to keep your finances running smoothly. 

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