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The Drive for Better Health


May 5, 2016

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a trucker’s life expectancy is 16 years shorter than a normal life expectancy. That outlook seems bleak for many, so the transportation industry has shifted its focus. With multiple resources now available for health and overall wellness, truckers can overcome the health risks that typically come with the job.

Trucker Exercise

One of the most difficult aspects about staying healthy as a trucker is the lack of exercise available. When you are hauling freight across the country, getting to the gym is nearly impossible. To help with this problem, many have created exercise videos on YouTube you can do in and outside your truck when you’re on the road. If you have to take a break, why not use it to get in shape? A great YouTube channel to turn to when working out on the road is the “Workout Wednesday” playlist through The Healthy Trucker.

Online Workouts:

Healthy Fleet with Melodie Champion

Trym Fit Trucker with Tim McComsey

Eating Healthy

What good is working out if you aren’t feeding your body the right nutrients? Eating at truck stops can really put an end to your healthy goals with fast food and soft drink options everywhere. With some handy kitchen gadgets, you can cook great meals in your truck. Five kitchen tools you don’t want live without are a blender, sauce pan, portable stove, slow cooker and a travel fridge or cooler. It can slim you up and the only thing getting fatter will be your wallet. We’re not talking about sandwiches here. Mexican meatballs, Irish pot roast and more are all capable of being cooked in your truck.

Make meals in your truck

Big Truck Cooking

From the Kitchen to the Road with Lauren Rae