Turn your TMS into a funding machine.

Book it, deliver it… get paid.

The seamless integration of AscendTMS software and Triumph will help you manage your entire business and cash flow. Integrating this interactive platform into your daily operations streamlines your transportation management and gives you a competitive advantage. Just complete your load in AscendTMS, click “Get Paid”, and you’re done. No paper, no sweat, no delays.

Get free transportation management software (TMS software) that’s connected to your cash!

That’s right – for a limited time only, Triumph’s invoice factoring clients can receive the Premium AscendTMS transportation management software for the next 12 months – absolutely free! This AscendTMS software is web-based, so there are no downloads, no installs, no setup, no apps needed, and it works on any device.

Get Started with AscendTMS

Getting Started with AscendTMS software and Triumph is easy. First, we just need to get you set up as a Triumph client and we’ll get things moving for you.

Already factoring with Triumph? Give us a ring at 866-356-0888 and we’ll get you set up with this transportation management software in no time.

Free Premium Access to a transportation management system (TMS) for one year is our gift to you.

Just login to AscendTMS , then connect AscendTMS to your Triumph account, and Triumph will pick up your tab for the AscendTMS Premium package for one full year.