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Recruiting Top Talent without the Perks of Big Business

Triumph Business Capital

February 1, 2016

As a small business, you face many challenges, particularly when it comes to competing with larger organizations. One area where this can be especially impactful is in the area of staffing. Simply put, it can be difficult to attract and recruit top talent when compared with some of the big name companies that are also hiring. The good news is there are some creative things you can do to improve your chances of landing qualified employees, regardless of the size or prominence of your brand.

Leverage Current Talent

Chances are you’ve already assembled a crew of highly skilled, hard working professionals who are dedicated to helping your business succeed. Why not tap into that valuable resource as a way to locate future talent? Provide incentives for employee referrals, and you may be surprised at the positive response you receive.

Focus on Culture and Benefits

One of the greatest features of small businesses that their larger counterparts typically lack is familiarity. In fact, the atmosphere of many small businesses is often described as more of a close-knit family, something that big name players simply cannot successfully achieve. Smaller companies also have the option of offering more flexibility. Playing on these strengths can help you catch the eye of quality candidates.
Highlight Learning and Growth Opportunities – With larger organizations, open positions are typically pretty cut and dry. Because small businesses have fewer employees, those who are on the team are often required to wear many hats. This can provide the benefit of more variety in day to day duties and also present opportunity to learn, grow and expand one’s career.

Be Honest

Remember that when you’re marketing your small business to potential employees, it’s important that you remain open and honest about who you are and what your company brings to the table. Don’t try to pretend you’re something that you’re not in an effort to compete with bigger organizations. Trust that there is a pool of qualified candidates who will be excited to work with you and will jump at the chance to grow with and contribute to your company’s success.
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