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How to Hire the Right People

Triumph Business Capital

September 14, 2015

As a staffing agency recruiter, you’ve been rewarded with revenue and loyalty from great hires – and felt the fallout from bad ones. According to the Harvard Business Review, bad hiring choices result in 80 percent of employee turnover. No wonder companies today are being more cautious. And, it makes sense to take a smarter approach to the hiring process. The goal is to hire the right person for the job – deliver maximum value for your clients and reinforce the positive impact you and your company make on their business.

Create a plan for hiring success

For you to fulfill your clients’ or the hiring manager’s requirements, there needs to be a clear plan detailing the qualities the contractor or hire must have with an emphasis on measurable results. It should factor in the company’s business goals and be tailored to the characteristics and skills the new hire must have to dovetail with the firm, says David Snyder, author of How to Hire a Champion (Career Press, 2008). Beyond job-specific skills and experience required, work with your client to address and evaluate the following factors in this process:

  • The company’s culture
  • The role of self-motivation
  • Skills
  • Soft skills such as leadership and communication
  • Past history
  • Intangibles beyond skills

Practice the Law of Three

Brian Tracy, chairman and CEO of Brian Tracy International, advocates a concept called the Law of Three because it has a high success rate based on feedback from business owners and executives. It works like this:

  1. Interview a minimum of three job seekers.
  2. Interview your favorite candidate three times.
  3. Interview the No. 1 candidate in three different locations.
  4. Allow three other people in the organization to interview the top candidate.
  5. Contact a minimum of three references from the job seeker.
  6. Ask the references for the names of others to ensure you go three deep.

Business owners’ smart hiring tips

It’s always a good idea to listen to and to learn from others. It saves a lot of time, trouble and money. Consider the hiring advice of business owners and executives from across a variety of industries relative to job hopefuls:

  • If they don’t share the company’s values and sense of humor, don’t hire them.
  • Find out what they are passionate about and determine if it’s your company.
  • Listen to what they say and learn whether they are a good fit.
  • Determine whether they are creative problem-solvers.
  • Give them an assignment to test their skills.
  • Assess their attitude.
  • Only hire people who walk fast because they have little time to waste.
  • Find out what their work ethic is.
  • Focus on what they offer now and what they can provide as they grow.
  • Check their work samples.
  • Evaluate whether they have a sense of urgency to meet deadlines.
  • Treat them like valued collaborators who are smart, capable and know what they bring to the equation, not lowly applicants who have to prove they are worthy of and willing to grovel for a precious job.

Carefully review past performance

How do you find out whether the job seeker has the skills needed to do a great job? By carefully interviewing to get a strong grasp of past history, results, and successes and failures. Make sure the candidate’s skills – hard and soft – are an excellent match for the job.

Hiring smart is your responsibility

With all of the personality and emotional intelligence tools available, it’s a good idea to learn as much about job seekers during the interviewing process as possible. Take the time to do your homework and plan for a successful hire by creating a dynamic, inclusive and comprehensive hiring process. Identify whether candidates are smart, personal, and a fit for the culture. Ultimately, selecting the right people to join your or your client’s organization is critical for long-term success, motivation and self-esteem. Slow down the process to ensure smart hires.