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5 Staffing Trends for 2016

Triumph Business Capital

February 1, 2016

As a successful staffing professional, you’re probably in the process of setting your goals and objectives for the coming year. In doing so, it’s important to consider the trends that are expected to occur over the next 12 months. This will help you to better align your own business strategies with what the industry is projected to experience in the near future. With that said, here are some of the biggest predictions to date:

Trend #1: Temporary staffing will see a significant spike.

A recent forecast conducted by CareerBuilder indicated that 47% of employers are planning to hire temporary or contract workers over the coming months. This is in line with many expert opinions that the freelance economy will continue to disrupt the workforce.

Trend #2: Mobility will become even more of a priority.

According to a recent Glassdoor survey, 9 out of 10 job seekers use their mobile devices to search for work. That’s 89% of the candidate pool, and based on past statistics, it’s a number that is projected to continue rising. What this means for staffing professionals is that recruiting strategies must focus on marketing to the mobile market.

Trend #3: The blended workforce model will become more prominent.

With technology like cloud computing and real-time video conferencing, more and more organizations are embracing the concept of the blended workforce. That is, a combination of in-house, contract and remote employees. Look for this more flexible model to become even more prominent over the coming months.

Trend #4: Fresh, new talent will be entering the workforce.

As the Baby Boomer generation begins to make its exit out of the workforce and into retirement, a younger demographic of skilled workers will be taking their place. It’s no surprise then that employers expect to hire 11% more new college graduates in 2016. Of course, adjustments and changes will need to be made to accommodate the unique needs, desires and strengths of this younger group, which leads to the final trend.

Trend #5: Recruiting and retention strategies will need to evolve.

With the Millennial generation poised to take over the workforce by the year 2020, adjustments will have to be made at businesses across every industry. This is particularly true for the recruiting and retention process. Organizations and staffing professionals will need to develop new and better ways to attract, recruit and retain top talent.

By staying apprised of staffing news and knowing what trends to watch for ahead of time, you can better plan and hone your own strategies to position your business for increased success over the coming months.

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