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2020 Guide to Oil & Gas Events

Triumph Business Capital

January 14, 2020

The oil and gas industry is an economic juggernaut, accounting for $236.8 billion in domestic value in 2018 alone. 

In an industry defined largely by its volatility, the need to be up on current trends is critical to long-term success. Oil and gas events can be important and necessary for companies and vendors to share their services and leadership. That’s why we’ve gathered more than 20 of the top oil and gas conferences, expos, and forums happening this year. Check them out below. 

FEBRUARY 3-7, 2020 

NAPE Summit 2020
Houston, TX 

It’s said that NAPE is “where deals happen.” More than 15,000 upstream oil and gas come together from over 30 companies to explore in excess of 900 exhibits. The trade show has a huge focus on networking, empowering domestic and international decision makers to forge, facilitate, and close deals. 

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FEBRUARY 4-5, 2020 

American LNG Forum
Houston, TX 

Key topics for this year’s American LNG forum include production and exports, market outlook, LNG projects, and innovations. The forum also offers opportunities to connect with other industry professionals and learn. 

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FEBRUARY 4-6, 2020 

SPE Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition
The Woodlands, TX 

Put on by the Society of Petroleum Engineers, the 2020 Hydraulic Fracturing Technology Conference and Exhibition features a robust technical program, an exhibition of innovative products and services, and multiple networking opportunities. 

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FEBRUARY 10-14, 2020 

SPE Forum: Unlocking the Value from Digital across the Full E&P Value Chain
Austin, Texas 

Topics for this Society of Petroleum Engineers forum will surround potential value capture and future applications of digitalization with discussions on data acquisition, management, transfer, analytics and governance across the entire upstream hydrocarbon industry including exploration, development, production, contracting/procurement, and organizational capability. 

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FEBRUARY 11-12, 2020 

EnerCom Dallas: The Energy Investment Conference
Dallas, TX 

Investment professionals come together to listen to oil and gas management teams provide updates on their operational and financial strategies for the year ahead, providing insights on how they will build value. All presentations are streamed, but those who attend in person can take advantage of exclusive break-out sessions, VIP networking events, and one-on-one meeting scheduling. 

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FEBRUARY 19-21, 2020 

SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control
Lafayette, LA 

The SPE International Conference and Exhibition on Formation Damage Control has learning opportunities covering challenges and remedies for all things related to the identification, prevention, and remediation of formation damage, plus networking. 

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MARCH 3-5, 2020 

IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition
Galveston, TX 

Operator companies, contractor firms, and service companies come together to explore ideas advance scientific understanding of drilling in oil and gas E&P at the IADC/SPE International Drilling Conference and Exhibition. 

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MARCH 9-11, 2020 

Energy 2.0
Houston, TX & Online and Denver 

Formerly known as HERWorld, Energy 2.0 is an “un-conference” designed to bring everyone to the table and attracts 75,000+ professionals each year. The 2020 theme is “Equality, Environment, and the New Economy,” with an in-person session in Houston being simulcast to virtual attendees and an in-person session in Denver. A third session runs in London later in the month. 

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MARCH 31, 2020 

Upstream Oil and Gas Professionals Hiring Event
Houston, TX 

Initiated by the Society of Petroleum Engineers – Gulf Coast Section, the Upstream Oil and Gas Professionals Hiring Event brings all upstream disciplines and organizations together to explore opportunities. 

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MAY 4-7, 2020 

Offshore Technology Conference
Houston, TX 

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) is the leading event on technical advances, safety, environmentally-focused solutions, and economic and regulatory impacts, designed to advance the development of the offshore energy sector. 

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JUNE 17-19, 2020 

Energy in Data Conference
Austin, TX  

The AAPG, SEG and SPE are coming together to launch the first Energy in Data Conference, an experience wholly centered on digital transformation in the energy sector. Topics span machine learning through data management storage and more. 

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AUGUST 12-13 

Summer NAPE 2020
Houston, TX 

NAPE Summer is like the major NAPE Summit, but more intimate and with a regional focus. Meet with other upstream professionals to network and explore mutually beneficial opportunities. 

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DECEMBER 6-10, 2020 

23rd World Petroleum Conference 
Houston, TX 

Themed “Innovative Energy Solutions” the annual World Petroleum Conference will feature upstream and downstream innovations such as AI, VR, and predictive analytics. 

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