Myron Mixon Explains Invoice Factoring.

Whether it’s competition BBQ or freight factoring, it’s all about GETTING PAID.

Myron Mixon is a 4-time BBQ world champion, winner of over 200 Grand Championships, author of two New York Times #1 selling cookbooks and star of Destination America’s BBQ Pitmasters TV series, now in its sixth season. “I love the Triumph association”, shared Mr. Mixon at his home in Unadilla, Georgia. “First, you can tell they’re dedicated and professional about what they do. But, you know, it’s also my demographic – truckers, blue collar workers, small business operators – people who work hard and like good food.”

For those who like getting right to the point, Myron Mixon shares his wit and wisdom with the Triumph community.

Invoice Factoring

Myron Explains Invoice Factoring in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Hours of Service

Myron Outlines the Government’s Hours of Service Regulations in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Fuel Advances

Myron Explains Triumph’s Fuel Advance Program in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Best BBQ

Myron explains which region of the country produces the best BBQ and why.

Web Portal and Mobile App

Myron Explains How to use Triumph’s Web Portal and Mobile App in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Online Broker Credit

Myron Explains Triumph’s Online Broker Credit in Less Than 10 Seconds.

Truck Insurance

Myron Addresses Truck Insurance “Block and Tackle”.

Truck Insurance

Myron Addresses How to Avoid Truck Insurance Down Payments.

Ascend 2 Triumph

Myron Explains Ascend2Triumph in Less Than 10 Seconds.

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